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Greetings students and parents,I wanted to thank everybody,

for your continued support during theseunprecedented and difficult times.

I don’t think there is one student

that prefers online Zoom classes overin-person classes,

but it was a great option when it was theonly way that we can continue training.

As much as I love teaching, 15 minute private lessons

for ninehours a day every day, just was

not a very fun experience.

Luckily, we’ve weathered the stormand while making the best of the situation

and now we’re back to having in-personclasses and I am so thankful for that.

You have no idea.

Spring and summer have come and gone

and now the kids are gettingready to go back to school.

Some of the kids will go back in person,

while others will go attend classesvirtually. With the end of summer vacation, it

gives everybody a chance to refocus

on daily routines for bothschool and also for tae kwon do.

September traditionally is the start

of our tae kwon do new year because that iswhen students go back to school.

We plan and then we set our curriculumand the lessons for the upcoming year so

that it coincides withthe academic school year.

This is also the time when we calculate

the budget and crunch financial numbersfor the school

to keep the school operationaland initiate the annual tuition increase.

Now, I know you that you’ll noticethat I said annual tuition increase

because that’s how we’ve always operatedsince I opened the school. Every year

the increase in tuition is appliedat the start of a fresh school year.

But for the past several years,I worked very hard to not increase

the fees because nobodylikes higher payments.

I definitely do not like higher payments.

I’ve been putting off tuition

increase for quite some time because Ialways take great pride in trying

to provide the very bestfor you, for my students.

However, the continued rise of operational

expenses and also to maintain the hybridfacilities, cleaning and everything else

needs an adjustment to keepthe school operational and running.

Keeping the same tuition rate from a fewyears ago is no longer an option.

Therefore, there will be an increasein tuition starting in October.

In most cases, the change in tuitionwill only be about ten dollars.

Any adjustments higher or lower than this…

I will contact you personallyto review your program with you.

The exciting news to go with this is

that there will be somechanges to your membership.

The following changes will have follow upvideos to explain a little bit in more

detail, but here’s a quicklist of some of those changes.

The first changes,we’re moving away from an open ended

agreement so that you have expirationdates for your memberships.

This will make sure that you’re notenrolled for an ongoing membership.

So you have a start and finishdate if you want to.

Second, your rates will be lockedin after the tuition increase.

As long as you have no pauses in yourmembership, you will be grandfathered

into your rates and you will never,ever have another tuition increase again.

We are also waiving the 60 daysnotice to cancel that the billing company

requires, rather than havinga 60 days grace period.

Students can stop at any time for anyreason immediately with one final payment.

so that way there is no pauses or delays.

We’ve worked very hard over the past sixmonths through private lessons,

online classes, in-home visits, in-personclasses to keep the school open.

And a much needed tuition adjustment willhelp us to continue to provide

the very best, not just for six months,but for many years to come.

Please wait until I issue the videos

to answer and address someof the questions that you have.

OK, thank you very much.